I’m a Primal Dominant?

Content Advisory: This post contains material of a sexual, graphic, nature.

Her eyes had not left mine for a long time. In them, I could see reflections of the fire dancing beside us that cast an undulating glow across our skin. She walked over to me and ran her nails down my arm before turning her back to me and pressing against me. The smell of the forest around us was pungent with the moisture of the sporadic rain that had been falling and the blanket that has been set out was already getting damp.

As she pressed her back against my chest, her eyes locked on the other scene beginning to play out in this isolated clearing in the forest. Her husband and my fiance (now my wife) were playfully making out. I ran my hand up her belly, between her breasts, and to her throat where it closed firmly. She whimpered and pressed her butt back against me. She was wearing a black leather bustier that matched her shoulder length hair and thong; and the contrast of the damp leather and her warm, goose-bumped, flesh was intoxicating. She turned to me and kissed me deeply and I pulled her tight against my chest. As we kissed, I was surprised to hear a deep growl come from deep in my throat. It must have startled her as well because she pulled back, locked her eyes on mine, bit her lip, ran her nails down my chest, and flung herself at me. As we kissed again, she sucked my tongue into her mouth hard and bit it gently and whimpered. I tore the bustier from her forcefully and tossed her onto the damp blanket. Everyone, and everything else, had been forgotten as we fell deeper into a primal lust. As I entered her aggressively, she moaned and bit my left pectoral. As the rain fell, and lightning lit the sky with a magnificent strobe effect, we tore at each other until we were both satisfyingly exhausted, sore, and marked up from the scratches and bites.

I have always known that I had a dominant personality. Hell, every single personality test I have taken has confirmed it. But, I also knew that I wasn’t like other Doms in the Lifestyle. They always had plans, schemes, tasks for their submissives. All that structure tended to make me a little crazy. I couldn’t figure out why I had such a difficult time with it. I mean, sure, I could come up with tasks for her to do and I could be diabolical with it. At the same time, giving assignments and ensuring that she did them was…well….a little boring. I would rather chase her through the woods, throw her down and ravish her in the fallen leaves. She, on the other hand, thrives on that structure, the assignments, the reward/punishment dynamic. Does that turn me on? Sure it does. But my mind keeps going back to all my primal experiences and how much I loved them.

Like the time I met up with an old girlfriend who lived in another state. I was there for a work conference and called her up to see if she wanted to meet at Starbucks for coffee. She showed up in this really pretty, and low cut, sundress. Her breasts were barely held in by the fabric and it didn’t take long for me to convince her to head back to my hotel. As soon as we walked into the room, I grabbed her, pushed her to the bed, bent her over, grabbed the dress between her breasts, and yanked it off her. She moaned, whimpered, and pressed back against me. I lifted her dress over her ass and saw that she had gone commando. It took about three seconds for me to be undressed and entering her forcefully. Not a word was said. She whimpered, I grunted and maybe even growled. That growl does seem to be pretty consistent.

I travel a lot for work, and I end up driving about twelve hours a week, minimum. During that time, I listen to a lot of audiobooks. I just started one called Donimation & Submission: A BDSM Relationship Handbook by Michael Makai. In it, he describes several types of Dominants and submissives and switches. Then he started describing Primals. A Primal is a new term, or definition, that has only come about in the last few years (as I understand it). As he described Primals, my mind flashed back to the many different experiences I have had where that primal side came out. It was always very natural, normal, intense, erotic, and super-crazy hot and wild.

So, now I know that I am a Primal Dominant. My wife is a submissive/slave/cuckquean (more on that in future posts). These two seem to be incongruent, or incompatible, with each other. What do I do to make this more compatible?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “I’m a Primal Dominant?”

  1. They are not incompatible 😉 I hear your growl and see you write that she’s submissive. Like a bunny… alone in the woods… being hunted by an animal….. primal growling, throaty, hot, intense pleasure bestowed upon a sweet, delicate, soft, gentle bunny….. fucking hot. Deliciously sexy. Very compatible. Even some compatible tasks could come from that. More so feeling the pleasure of the chase, the hunt, the capture versus determining what exactly a task should be, could help develop thoughts from both of you on how to make that desire work. But in the mean time… thank you for making me wet……


    1. Thank you for this delicious comment! I will be posting a lot more on this topic, so please, stay tuned. I would always love to hear your thoughts. Oh…and you are most welcome. I would love the opportunity to make you wet again.


  2. This topic…….. drove a very intense desire that ended up with me waking him up last night, telling him to growl, while I silently hunted him. I’ve never been more turned on. 🙌

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